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                                                         ARIZONA FLIGHT TRAINING

                                                                    AK CHIN AIRPORT 

                                                                        JANUARY 2020

Each year I decide whether to head to Arizona or Florida to train during the month of January.  The decision rests on how many students pre-arrange flight training.   I need at least two for Arizona and three for Florida to cover my expenses.  At the moment, I have two scheduled for Arizona.

It should come as no surprise that the weather in Colorado is cold and windy during this time period and the weather at either of these two options is quite nice and very conducive to getting lots done in a compact span of time.

For the past few years, there has been heavy interest in this training option and it has worked out very well for the school and the students.  If you think you might be interested in this option, please contact me ASAP so I can finalize my plans.   

The cost for training remains the same as if you were training in Colorado.  However, you do have the expense of travel and housing.   It seems this extra expense is offset by the fact that training is reduced to about half the time and it is completed before the Spring flying season.

I do also request that the students scheduled split the cost of my gas to and from Arizona.  That usually amounts to $300/student.

Again, if you are interested in this opportunity, please feel free to contact me via email - info@livinthedreamflightschool or phone - 303.570.1741