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Providing Quality Flight Instruction Within Colorado and Nationwide


We provide comprehensive, personalized instruction!


 Livin' the Dream  Flight  School  is    dedicated to quality flight instruction  insuring   every  student   becomes  a competent  and  safe  pilot  as well as an  enthusiastic  participant  in sport aviation. 

Welcome to the exciting world of the Powered Parachute ( or PPC )!  You have found this site, we are sure, because you are considering learning to fly these incredible machines.   Whether you are starting from 'scratch' or have had a few rides or lessons, be assured you will find a professional and enthusiastic environment to enter this remarkable flying experience through this flight school.

We are located in the Denver, Colorado area and our goal is to provide each student an enjoyable, enriching, andprofessional training environment.   We want you to  find the  experience  positive and one where you develop flying skills based on safety and fun.      When you graduate from this school, there will be no doubt you are well skilled to fly these great aircraft!

 Contact me if you want to start your training.   Also, remember, every two years a pilot must undertake a Flight  

 Review to still be able to exercise the privileges of their license.  So, if you need a Flight Review, we can perform that as well! 

 As I  have stated many times, the school provides everything you need to get your license.  All  you  need to bring is some money and your enthusiasm...I'll supply the equipment and expertise!  As always, every student trains in the AirWolf, solos in the AirWolf, and takes their checkride in the AirWolf.   YOU DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE A PPC TO GET YOUR LICENSE.  And this is provided for just $130/hr. 


 A final thought:  Getting your Sport Pilot license isn't just flying.   There are a few steps to take to get this license in your pocket.   This site will explain what those steps are   and  how you can take them. 

Please refer to the "RESOURCES" tab for a full explanation of the process.

Do not allow yourself to feel   overwhelmed   -   it  is  my  job  to  be  sure  you  easily  navigate  through  the  steps  so  you  are successful.

Let me know  what  I  can  do  for  you!!!!     Keep  reading and studying and let's make Sport Pilot a reality for you.



Feel free to contact me at: 303.570.1741 or email at: info@livinthedreamflightschool.com or use the "Contact Us" page on the website to arrange an introductory flight or flight instruction.  You'll be glad you did!!! 


Ted Wilson

Commercial Pilot - Helicopter/Rotorcraft, Lighter-than-Air
Private Pilot - Fixed-wing

Sport Pilot - Powered Parachute 
Certified Flight Instructor - Helicopter/Rotorcraft, Lighter-than-Air & Sport Pilot Powered Parachute - Land

As you can see, I hold a variety of flying credentials but you are most concerned about my PPC credentials.  I am a Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructor, Powered Parachute.  I have a strong background in aviation training in a variety of aircraft and bring that successful teaching model to the PPC community.  You will find a complete flight training regime as well as a comprehensive approach to ground school where the subject matter is presented in an easy to understand format.

My goal is to provide each student a fun, enriching, and professional training environment.  I want you to find the experience positive and one where you develop flying skills based on safety and fun.  When you graduate from this school, there will be no doubt you will be well skilled to fly these great aircraft!